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“I had no idea there was no flour or butter! So delicious!” - J. Meysas

“Wouldn’t even know it was gluten free, it was delicious. Could really taste ingredients.” - J. Domingos


Chez Hedwige is an artisan processor named in honor of Edwige’s mom, Hedwige Kolbjornsen. Edwige, an electrical engineer by trade who has evolved as a technology and business executive, started to bake and cook at the age of 9 when her mother opened a culinary school.

As an ailment affected Edwige's lifestyle, she sought juicing and integrative medicine while following conventional treatment. Allergic reactions to conventional medications forced her to go on a gluten-free diet. At first she resisted since she does not have celiac disease or wheat allergy, and finding gluten-free food in her area was very difficult. Then, she started to transform her favorite recipes into gluten-free ones and created new delights. 

Edwige combines her passion for baking and cooking with the knowledge accumulated during her journey to produce delectable treats. Her family and friends enjoy the goods as much as she does. They are so yummy that a common feedback is: I would not know it is made with gluten-free, soy-free, and dairy-free  ingredients if you had not told me so.

Eating a healthy gluten-free diet has helped Edwige to resume an active life. Chez Hedwige is the result of the love and support we have been receiving from you and so many, for which we are deeply grateful. Our goal is to make tasty products accessible to people who are sensitive to gluten and those who eat or aspire to eat healthy.

"I know the challenges and benefits of eating healthy." - Edwige Oriol, Founder of Chez Hedwige

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